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The Pennridge Yellowjackets Soccer Association provides a competitive program for the more advanced player and these players compete in our Travel Team program.  Travel Teams are selected at various age groups through tryouts and evaluation of coaches, and compete in the PAGS, Inter-County and Lehigh Valley Soccer Leagues.  This program runs during the fall season beginning the weekend after Labor Day and concludes before the Thanksgiving holiday.  These teams compete with other clubs in the surrounding Bucks and Montgomery counties. 


Travel Coordinator
Juan Ayala
[email protected]


(2019 - 2020) Travel Team Coaches

Team Coach Email
2012 U8 Grils  
2011 U9 Girls  
2010 U11 Girls
Jessica Gillespie

[email protected]

2009 U12 Girls
Ben Keller

[email protected]

2008 U13 Girls
Dan Brown

[email protected]

2007 U14 Girls Union
Andrea Ayala

[email protected]

2006 U15 Girls

2004/2005 U17 Girls
Scott Drumbore

[email protected]

2003 U18 Girls United
Dan Brown
[email protected]
2010 U8 BoysBen Keller

[email protected]

2011 U9 BoysTom McCann [email protected]
2010 U10 Boys
Andrew Fink
[email protected]
2009 U12 Boys
Juan Ayala

[email protected]

2008 U13 BoysTBD
2007 U14 Boys Vespula
Dan Estep

[email protected]

2007 U14 Boys Sporting
Andrew Fink
[email protected]
2004/2005 U17 Boys
Charlie Bratchford

[email protected]

Any age group not shown on
this list
Juan Ayala

[email protected]





MISSION:  PYSA Travel Soccer program is to provide high quality technical and tactical training . Our players will learn the value of dedication, hard work, and training, and how that translates to the rewards and enjoyment of success.

PYSA will follow all US Soccer and US Youth Soccer Mandates.

  To build technical and creative individual players who are comfortable with the ball at the 4v4, 7v7, and 9v9 level.  Player development will take precedent over winning at these levels at any cost.

Once a player reaches the 11v11 level PYSA Travel Goals will begin to focus in more on tactical and team play to prepare the PYSA player to move on to the High School & Higher levels of play.


1)    Development focus is on the four pillars of development: technical, tactics, physical, and psycho-social.

2)    Offerings for boys and girls starting at age U8 (Academy) and U9 (Travel)

3)    Multiple teams are provided in each age group when interest and coaching staff supports

4)    PYSA will attempt to offer supplemental training and online training aids for all Travel Players

5)    Coach Development is provided through EPYSA and NSCAA approved training and mentoring, and are encouraged to progress with higher age groups.

6)    Compete in EPYSA approved leagues and tournaments.  Some overnight tournaments are possible for some teams.

7)    Playing Time

            1)  Each player on the 4v4, 7v7, and 9v9 teams are guaranteed to play at least 40% of the game.

            2)  Players on 11v11 teams are guaranteed to play at least 30% of the game.

8)    Develop a passion for the game of soccer.

            If a player is not having fun or does not enjoy playing the game they will never get better.




A)  Each coach must be reapproved every year by the board.
B)  Must attend or have a parent attend all coach meetings.

C)  Expected to be prepared for all training sessions and follow PYSA Philosophy for development.
D)  Must be up to date on all clearances.


1)  Coaches may bring player and parent grievances to the board and the board will have a committee comprised of three PYSA Board members make a decision of the actions.  It will be up to the board to terminate a player from his or her team after they have been rostered.

2)  Parents/Players may bring grievances towards coaches and it will be handled by a committee comprised of three PYSA board members.  It will be up to the board to terminate a coach. 

3)  PYSA Board will have authority to terminate any coach, player, or travel member.



1)  Once a player is rostered on the EPYSA website no refund for any reason will be given.  Players may be released from teams or granted dismissal but no refund will be given.

2)  If a player has not been rostered with EPYSA the PYSA Board will decide on the approval of a refund.

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