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Travel Tryouts


Saturday, April 24, 2021
Markey Park

Age Group Time
Age Group Time
2014 Girls 12:00 PM
2014 Boys 12:00 PM
2013 Girls 12:00 PM
2013 Boys 12:00 PM
2012 Girls 12:00 PM
2012 Boys 09:00 AM*
2011 Girls 12:00 PM
2011 Boys 12:00 PM
2010 Girls 1:30 PM
2010 Boys 12:00 PM
2009 Girls 1:30 PM
2009 Boys 1:30 PM
2008 Girls 10:30 AM***
2007 Boys 1:30 PM
2007 Girls 1:30 PM

HS Girls Contact coach: Scott Drumbore
[email protected]

* Please note time change from previous schedule

***Tryout Location
Iron Bridge Field
1450 Branch Rd. Perkasie, PA 18944

If you have any questions you can directly contact the coach of your player's age group.

Pennridge Yellowjackets Soccer Association's Travel Tryouts are free.  We encourage players to bring a friend and invite classmates they know who enjoy soccer. 

To identify what team your child would tryout for you take your child's birth year.  Meaning if you have a son born in 2007 he would be trying out for the 07 Boys team 

Coach Contact Information

Age Group Coach Coach E-mail
 2014 Girls TBD[email protected]
 2013 Girls TBD[email protected]
2012 Girls TBD[email protected]
2011 Girls TBD [email protected]
2010 Girls Andrea Ayala [email protected]
2009 Girls Ben Keller [email protected]
2008 Girls Dan Brown [email protected]
2007 Girls Andrea Ayala [email protected]
HS Girls 06-03
Scott Drumbore [email protected]
 2014 Boys TBD[email protected]
 2013 Boys TBD[email protected]
2012 Boys Ben Keller[email protected]
2011 Boys TBD [email protected]
2010 Boys Andrew Fink [email protected]
2009 Boys Juan Ayala [email protected]
2007 Boys Dan Estep [email protected]
Andrew Fink [email protected]
2004 Boys Charlie Bratchford [email protected]

Any age not listed please contact the travel coordinator: [email protected]

Last Updated: 04/22/2021

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