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Return to Play

PYSA Return to Play Guidelines

Updated: March 10, 2021


Please note these guidelines are for all PYSA families and everyone is expected to abide by the expectations set forth for the safety and well-being of the players, coaches and families


While we continue to progress through our soccer season, we plan to do so safely and consistent with the appropriate guidelines and recommendations.

A Key Component of Continued Play is an understanding by all of our players and parents of their respective obligations and responsibilities. We’ve put this guide together so that we are all on the same page regarding our continued safety play protocols. Each one of us plays an important role in the success of continuing play and, more importantly, the safety of our players. We realize some of these requirements may seem to be inconvenient or a hassle, but we ask you to honor them anyway, for the safety of everyone involved, and their families and loved ones.


Each of us must do our part & follow these guidelines to provide the best environment possible and keep everyone safe. These protocols may be modified as we proceed along based on revisions from EPYSA & the Commonwealth/Local Township. We will promptly communicate any changes.

 Our club is following all mandates from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, EPYSA, and Pennridge School District

·       We will follow the more restrictive guidance from the Commonwealth of PA, EPYSA, the leagues our teams play, or the facilities we use.

·       Inter-Club play is allowed. 

·       Games and training only allowed on fields that are “official” - NO USE OF NON-CLUB FIELDS*

·       Player should NOT attend if not feeling well (We will follow the latest guidance from the Commonwealth of PA for Covid related symptom and return to “normal” activities)

·       Spectators are permitted at the fields.**

·       Social Distancing must be practiced on field and in surrounding areas - parking lots

·       Masks MUST always be worn, including during training.

·       All parents MUST wear masks at all times.

·       No social mingling after practice. Everyone return to their vehicles immediately.

·       We will follow the safety guidelines established for locations and facilities we use.

*Fields refers to locations in which we have a certificate of liability issued on behalf of the club.  This includes outdoor fields, indoor facilities, and Pennridge School District Schools.

Coach Requirements

·       All practices must be scheduled through club on an “official” club field

·       Take attendance and ask each player “how are you feeling”

·       Follow ALL general rules and regulations

·       Players cannot be “forced” to train. Parent decides on participation.

·       Coaches wear masks unless giving instructions from 6 feet or more away from players (leave them on but they do not need to cover the mouth/nose in those moments beyond 6 feet and giving instructions)**

·       Only coach allowed to touch equipment - player cannot touch equipment with hands

·       Avoid line activities (social distance must be maintained at all times)

·       Sanitize all equipment after training

·       Each player wear their Gray training jersey and brings their other jerseys so there is no need for pinnies

·       Be positive, fun, and engaging. Be a good positive role model for health and safety.

·       Be kind, stay safe, stay healthy, and help the children reacclimate.


Parent Requirements

·       MUST keep player home if they are sick

·       Check your child's temperature before any team related event. If your child has a temperature of 100.4℉, keep him/her home.

·       Every players is required to wear their Gray training jersey to every training session, and bring the other jerseys to reduce the need to wear pinnies.

·       Pack hand sanitizer

·       Determine and discuss with child the requirement to wear a mask during training

·       Direct child not to share drink or snacks

·       Remain socially distant during training

·       Sanitize and wash all equipment and clothing after training

·       Do not touch or try to assist with any equipment

·       YOU make the ultimate decision if your child is permitted to participate

·       Player must bring his/her own WELL-PUMPED ball to practice

·       Parent must report if player tests positive or is exposed to anyone who tests positive to both coach and the club


**Pennridge School District Facilities

·       For indoor facilities (School Gymnasiums) Only players and coaches are allowed to be in the school.  Parents will need to wait in their cars.

·       Players and coaches must wear masks at all times.

·       For Outdoor facilities (Grass and Turf Fields), we will follow the guidelines for outdoor activities.

·       We will follow all guidance as provided by the School District.